About Phil

Phil Winn is a business graduate from the University of Vermont. At the University, Phil studied finance, management of information systems and business law. After graduating and a short period as a residential mortgage broker, Phil pursued his interest in providing business financing. In 2003, Phil joined a small commercial bank that specialized in SBA financing. Since that time, Phil has helped thousands of entrepreneurs obtain hundreds of millions of dollars in business financing. Phil has had the privilege of training under some of the most highly regarded SBA leaders to fine tune his expertise in the areas of SBA lending, conventional lending and alternative financing.

Prior to entering the financial industry, Phil Winn had always been passionate about entrepreneurship and helping others. In elementary school, Phil started his business career as a paperboy. In middle school, he formed a landscaping design and maintenance business that employed many of his friends. In high school, Phil began teaching people with disabilities how to ski and snowboard. Phil continued providing landscaping services and ski instruction through and for a short period after college.

Phil Winn is founder and CEO of Stanton Winn, a business loan advisory firm. Under the Stanton Winn umbrella, Phil leverages his interest in entrepreneurship, knowledge of finance and his dedication to helping others, to facilitate loan approval for entrepreneurs. He has also developed streamline processes for business loan qualification, business plan development and feasibility analysis. To your benefit, Phil enjoys studying loan credit policy and loan approval facilitation so that you don’t have to. Phil wants his clients to focus on what they do best, running and growing their businesses. Phil specializes in traditional and alternative business financing including commercial real estate. Phil is an advocate for the Small Business Administration’s loan programs such as the SBA 7a and SBA 504 loan programs.

Some of the services Phil provides include:

  • Business loan program consultation including pros and cons of various loan programs
  • Business loan program eligibility analysis for conventional and specialized loan programs
  • Business loan qualification services including application preparation consultation
  • Business plan development and feasibility analysis
  • Business debt refinance and debt consolidation consultation
  • Business expansion consultation
  • Business acquisition consultation including the acquisition of intangible assets (goodwill)
  • Access to business loans and other financing solutions
  • Referrals to trusted professional partners such as CPA’s, commercial real estate brokers, business attorneys, financial planners, insurance providers, and many more.

Phil has facilitated financing for companies of all sizes and time in business including franchise businesses such as Subway, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, Goddard, Choice Hotel brands and many more. If you are an entrepreneur, Phil is excited to help you navigate the business loan approval process. From his tenure of experience representing regional and national lenders, you can be confident that Phil will position your business to obtain the best business loan solution for your unique circumstance. Phil Winn explains exactly what you need to do to get approved and why.

After first discussing your needs and goals, Phil (and his team) will provide you with a custom financing strategy. Phil is passionate about helping businesses reach their true potential. Whether you are interested to start the loan application process or if you have had setbacks with your existing business loan application, Phil Winn can help.

Phil Winn is much more than your business loan approval advocate. He is your loan approval coach. Phil’s clients count on Phil and his trusted partners to provide the highest level of customer service and financial advice based on his clients financial interests and objectives.